February 19th, 2023 - WCRH Ranch Horse Spectacular

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1. All images are property of Katie Wise and Sheza Shooting Star Photography. Screenshotting/copying/stealing photos is STRICTLY prohibited. 

2. The images you see in the show albums on my site are low-resolution UNEDITED proofs. The low-resolution image size might make the images appear a bit soft in terms of sharpness. I promise you they are not! Rest assured your purchased images will be very sharp and beautiful. Purchased images will also include a basic editing package. This entails cropping, straightening and color correction to make them look perfect! See some “before” and “after” examples, below. So, if you love an image but it looks a little dark or crooked or needs cropped in closer, have no fear! All of those adjustments will be made to purchased photos so that your images look great!

3. Images are posted in the order classes were shown. There may be multiple pages of photos in your album. Click through those pages at the bottom left-hand corner of the album.

4. Photos can be ordered directly from my site by adding them to the shopping cart in the top left-hand corner. Also, make sure to check out the “Packages” tab for money saving options and the “Products” tab if you are looking for wall art.

5. Web-Sized/Web Released images are intended for sharing on your social media platforms and personal websites only. They are not a suitable quality for printing. 

6. Object removal, background replacements, ear replacements, color toning etc. are available for an additional charge under the "Retouching" drop down menu. Sheza Shooting Star Photography will not make any edits to images beyond color correcting, cropping, and straightening without the purchase of the appropriate add-on.

7. Receipt of your orders is usually very quick (often same day as ordering), but it is possible that digital orders may take up to 1 week to receive depending on volume of orders. Big print and digital orders with add-on edits may have up to a 4-week turnaround before you see them in your mailbox. 


Examples of before and after basic editing:
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